Patient Testimonials


“I started going to see Dr. Whitworth a couple of years ago because my dentist retired and Brea Dental Group is down the street from my shop. I wanted something easy and close and I’m pretty happy with what I got from the office. Dr. Whitworth really knows what he’s doing. He’s a really friendly guy and has all of the new, fancy equipment that I didn’t see at my last dentist’s office. I had some problems with a couple of my teeth and he got me right and fixed them. Ever since then, I know I can come in for routine checkups without any hassle or long waits. Everyone in the office is extremely nice and I enjoy my experience there always.”

Gary L., La Habra, CA

“Thank you so much for making my life easier. Having the Cerec system at your office saved not only my time, and money, but it saved me a huge headache too. Between my job and my family, I did not know how I was going to be able to come in for multiple appointments for the crown that I needed . . . finding the time for one was an endeavor! The fact that you guys consistently advance your office technology to incorporate methods that enabled me to have my permanent crown performed in just one appointment is a true testament to the caring that you have for your patients’ time and lives. And, the fact that you double – checked to make sure that my insurance would cover the Cerec crown procedure is just icing on the cake.”

Jennifer M., Brea, CA


“Today’s experience at your office was the best one yet. My son, Austin, got his braces off this morning and his teeth are perfect!! I can’t believe that two years has already flown by and Doc was incredible every step of the way. Our appointments were always quick and easy, which is great. Doc always explained to Austin what was happening so that he could focus on the outcome of each appointment instead of just the wearing of the braces part. He can’t stop smiling!

PS Our insurance only covered part of Austin’s orthodontics, so Brea Dental worked out some options with us to make it affordable and easy. They are such gems!”

Carol D., Brea, CA

“Let me start off by saying that I DO NOT like going to the dentist. All I can ever see when I think of the dentist is that part in Little Shop of Horrors when Steve Martin goes nuts with the drill. So, needless to say, I had successfully avoided going in for a checkup for a couple of years. My girlfriend told me to go to Brea Dental Group so that my teeth “didn’t eventually fall out.” It’s down the street from our apartment, and she has been a fan for a few years now. And, I gotta hand it to these guys, it was pretty painless. I got to fill out all of my forms online so I breezed in. The office staff was really friendly, and the place is so high – tech! Computerized equipment all over the place — they even took my x-rays with a digital camera. I ended up needing a couple of fillings but all of the cool gadgets made the appointment really quick and easy. Brea Dental Group is pretty awesome in my book.”

Brandon V., Brea, CA