Digital X-Rays

Having x-rays taken of your teeth is a standard procedure in any initial dental appointment or check-up. X-rays are important because they can expose any hidden decay the naked eye couldn’t detect, show impacted or extra teeth, and help us determine the condition of any existent fillings, crowns and root canals that you may have.

Some patients are hesitant to have x-rays taken of their mouth because they worry about their exposure to radiation during the procedure. We worry about your safety too, which is why we introduced digital x-rays into our practice.

Our digital x-ray machine reduces exposure by 80 percent! This is exciting to us because we know that our patients are getting the utmost in safety during the x-ray process. Plus, digital capabilities make the x-ray procedure much quicker and more comfortable for you. We simply put a small sensor in your mouth that’s connected to a computer by a tiny wire; the x-ray image of your teeth is taken and the image appears on the computer in seconds. Our digital x-ray system significantly reduces your office visit time because it appears instantly: there’s no waiting to develop the prints. And, the digital image uploads onto a screen right in front of you. So, you can see every detail that the doctor sees. Faster, easier, and much more comfortable.