Endodontics and Root Canals

Endodontics is the removal of infected or damaged tissue from inside of the tooth — most commonly referred to as a “root canal.”

Why is this a necessary procedure?

Endodontics is so important because it saves teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted. In fact, for a patient who suffers from infected or damaged tissue inside the tooth, the only other alternative to a root canal is to remove the tooth.

So, why go through a root canal when the tooth can just be extracted? For starters, unless the extracted tooth is replaced, the adjoining teeth will shift. This will lead to interference with biting, chewing , and everyday activities we take for granted. Furthermore, the loss of the tooth can lead to periodontal (or, gum) disease which can lead to the loss of other teeth by starting the vicious cycle all over again. Essentially, once the affected tooth has been removed, it must be replaced by an artificial tooth in order to prevent further infection or bite problems. Artificial replacements are not only costly but they require a dental procedure on the healthy adjacent teeth in order to secure the replacement tooth.

A root canal saves the patient from all of that grief and multiple office visits by saving the infected tooth. And, because of our state of the art procedural equipment, such as Cerec and WaterLase MD, root canals are actually pretty straightforward around here.