NEW – Six Month Cosmetic Braces

Six month orthodontics — A beautiful smile is just half a year away!

So many of our patients have confessed that they are unhappy with their smile but feel stuck with it because of the lack of appealing options:

— Traditional metal braces can be embarrassing and take a number of years of wear to achieve desired results.

— Cosmetic procedures such as veneers may be too invasive and costly.

Luckily, we have incorporated an innovative alternative to traditional braces into our practice — Six Month Orthodontics.

Six Month Ortho utilizes ultra thin brackets – meaning your braces will be nearly invisible! And, through our revolutionary technique of gently aligning only the teeth that affect your smile, the average patient will have his or her braces off after just six months.

Call our office to schedule a consultation today and enjoy your smile in no time!