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503 East Imperial Highway. Brea, CA 92821

Brea Dental Group is Orange County, California’s premier center for high quality and affordable dentistry. We have all of your dental needs covered in one convenient location.

Patients often compliment us for our modern, state-of-the-art treatments, and our friendly, service-oriented staff. View the testimonials below and see what some of our patients have to say about our practice.

Visit our Services and Smile Gallery pages to learn more about our treatments and results. You may also contact our dental office by dialing 714-988-2167 or filling out the online form.

  • Barbara Corey

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    I would recommend Dr. Whitworth at Brea Dental Group just because there’s experience, there’s friendliness, there’s good dentistry. Kind of like a family where you come and they know you by name and you’ve been seeing them for awhile so they kind of know about your life and they just make you feel comfortable. Like […]

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  • Naseem Marsh

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    I think it’s a really fun atmosphere. I love the decor. The staff is always friendly every time you walk in. They always greet you and you smile. They just have a good attitude so I actually enjoy coming here. A lot more confident, yeah when you’re a teenager and you grow up without two […]

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  • Bruce Marsh

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    I think I neglected my teeth a bit for a number of years. He’s done a lot of different stuff, nothing too over the top as far as procedures, but really just give me a lot of confidence to get the work done and did it right and kept coming back for more. One of […]

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  • Bryan Keitel

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    I’ve been going to Brea Dental Group since I was about 8 or 9, so about 10 years. It’s been long process. I’ve had braces twice — the two phases. It’s really changed my teeth a lot. I had a huge gap. I had to get two baby teeth extracted and it’s really helped a […]

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  • Paul Spitulski

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    Coming here it’s been a lot more, ‘This is your dental situation. This is what we need to do to fix it. This is how we will fix it.” A lot more informative as a patient, so I’ve really have enjoyed that part of it, certainly. It’s nice, with the braces work, I’ve had them […]

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  • Edward Lawrence

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    The comfort level was fantastic. When you got here, you had an appointment at 10 o’clock, they started on you at 10 o’clock. You went in there and they told you exactly what they were going to do. They were going to deaden it and they did that. Then they told you everything that was […]

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  • Sharon Lawrence

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    We were going to Dr. Whitworth when he was over on La Palma and Imperial. When he moved over here we had to change our insurance just so we could come over here and it was well worth the trip. I think when he tells you something, it’s so. I feel like sometimes you’ve gone […]

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  • Mollie Vasquez

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    I’m not afraid to smile anymore because the gap in between my front two teeth is gone. With that comes confidence. You like to smile more. It’s pretty cool, you walk in and all the girls up front they’re like, “Hey Mollie! How are you? How’s your day? What’s been going on?” I’ve never known […]

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  • Jill Schwab

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    I actually looked, I drove by, I looked to see what it looked like on the inside and the outside. I just popped my head in real quick. The cleanliness stood out to me at first. Then when we went in the back, I just thought, “Oh well I’ll just give them a try.” The […]

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  • Arbie Guevarra

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    They’re very welcoming. You answer and they say, ‘Hi, how are you?” All the people here that work on my teeth are really nice and try to make conversations with me. They take it one step at a time to make sure I don’t feel really uncomfortable with the pain at first. They’re really nice […]

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  • Monica Aguilar

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    They’re very personable. I love the atmosphere. My kids are very comfortable coming here and I have 3. Our experience is positive pretty much every time. Definitely kid friendly. My eldest is 18 and she was the first one that started coming here when she was 8 or 9. Very great with kids. I have […]

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  • Nicole London

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    Everyone here is super awesome, super nice, every dental assistant I’ve had. I’ve only seen one dentist here and he’s super super nice. The orthodontist is awesome. Out of all the dentists I have been to, this is probably the most personable. They talk to you. It’s a good atmosphere. Everyone seems super close, to […]

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  • Kendall Bausch

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    I really like it because the dentist I was at before it was a really small office and he was the only dentist. It was really hard to get appointments and it’s really easy with Brea Dental Group to make appointments and everything. The thing I like most about them is the text to confirm, […]

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  • Patty Viles

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    I know a lot of people are scared of the dentist. I never am. I come in and they’re always helpful, and smiling, and happy. I never have to wait. I get right in, get my treatments, and have my scheduled visits in the future. I’ve never had a problem. I really like it here […]

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  • Joel Levin

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    The first appointment was very intensive. We got all the information out. The cleaning — the girls are fantastic. I think that of all the dentists I’ve ever been to, everybody who works here gives me a feeling like they’ve got a piece of the action. That’s how they treat you — like it’s their […]

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  • Lisa Osowski

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    I’ve hated my smile since I was a kid. Then I find out at 25 1/2 that I had to have braces. I had a melt down. I think the first 6 months I came here and cried, but they helped me. I had oral surgery and now I’m excited to come in. Because it’s […]

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      Everyone is so nice and helpful there. They have different specialists that work out of the office if you need a referral. They have a great automated system that makes it impossible to forget your appointment. We are happy there. I highly recommend Brea Dental.

      ~Amber Litvin

        They were on time and they did a good job to do my cleaning and I was out earlier

        ~Davis Munyua

          I went in on an emergency basis cause I was having a horrible experience with my current dentist. The lady in the front, Andrea was great and helped me get everything in order. Everyone else in the office was very friendly and helpful as well. I really appreciate everything everyone did to help, as we all know how horrible tooth pain can be. Thank you!!

          ~Sandi Fish

            I am blown away with how friendly and helpful everyone in the office is. It took me over 2 years to find this dental office and I am blessed!

            ~Patty Matterson

              My experience with Brea Dental has always been possitive. The staff are friendly and helpful.

              ~Jackie Dalton

                Wow! I’m really impressed! I just had a crown put in by the master. I hate going to the dentist, but the owner was a master. My normally stiff as a rock body was relaxed by his gentle demeanor. The treatment was very complete and painless. My eccentric concerns were dealt with with in caring and thoughtful manner. The front office was great with dealing with a difficult and frankly, obsessive patient.

                ~John Casey

                  Everyone was so nice and helpful. I felt very much at ease and understood everything that was going on with my teeth.

                  ~Heather Mitchel


                    ~Darren Williams

                      Relaxed atmosphere and happy employees put one at ease. Everyone seems patient and kind.


                        Great hygienist!


                          I have been going here for a few years. The gals at the front task are always very friendly, attentive and helpful. I had a root canal recently. It was nothing compared to the horrors I heard people have endured. The prep for the crown took longer than the root canal. The dentists were as gentle as the procedures allowed and explained the steps as they were performed. They are all very professional and considerate of your comfort and fear of the dentists’ chair. I do recommend them!

                          ~Sandra Cummins

                            Sweetest people work here… Great office, great communication & service!

                            ~Justin Lynch

                              So thankful I found Brea Dental Group! ! ! All my life I have had a fear going to the dentist due to bad experiences when young and a lot of dental work. Dr. Whitworth, Dr. Kramer, their assistants and staff are the most professional & personable I have ever experienced in a dental office. You DON’T get that “dental smell” the minute you walk in the door, or hear those nerve racking drills! Dental procedures have been pretty close to pain free! ! ! It was a LONG process, but, I am so pleased with the results of my dental work. I would highly recommend this dental office! ! !

                              ~Denise Dooley

                                The service is flawless. My entire family went for check ups and got work done. The staff is courteous and take a personal interest in your well being. Highly recommend.

                                ~Imran Virami

                                  I have only one thing to say about Dr Whitworth as well as his assistant jasmine , Gabby his hygienist as well as the front office., XLNT!!

                                  ~Sharon Lawrence

                                    I had to go in for major cleaning & two crowns (no cavities). Short of walking out with two further upper wisdom teeth extractions, my whole experience took about 4 weeks. The staff were courteous and made it a point to have personal knowledge about my case. The various dentists, assistants and dental hygienists who worked on my teeth were very professional and caring. I would highly recommend anyone living in the Brea area to visit the place and take a tour first.


                                      Always a delight to walk into Brea Dental Group, be recognized (one of those “everybody knows your name” experiences”), and, in spite of staff changes from time to time, I’ve always been pleased. This time was no exception. It had been awhile since my last cleaning so a different hygienist greeted me warmly with a smile, confirmed my name and purpose for coming, treated me with respect and gentleness and friendliness and did a good job. Way to go, Priscilla. I was delighted that my dentist remembered me and spoke to me on the way out, and I always enjoy talking to Debbie and others at the front counter. A good experience. No Fear!

                                      ~Jimmy Gaston

                                        My cleaning with Priscilla was excellent. She was able to remove all the tea stains from my front teeth. She was thorough and pleasant to talk with regarding my oral hygiene. Then I followed cleaning with whitening and had incredible results in only 40 minutes. I will be back

                                        ~Naseem A

                                          I have left plenty of feedback for other services I’ve received. But this is the 1st time I can honestly say Brea Dental Group has an overall excellent rating in my opinion. From the very 1st phone call to every interaction I had with every individual in your practice. Without hesitation, I will happily recommend BDG to my family, friends & colleagues.

                                          ~Lisa Anderson

                                            After not having gone to the dentist in a long time, Brea Dental Group made my return to dental health an easy one. I was comfortable and asked often if I was feeling okay and if I needed anything. I’m very happy that I’ve chosen Brea Dental Group as my dentists!

                                            ~Tonnia Daley

                                              I’ve been going to this office for 12 years and they are always friendly and never have to wait. My grandkids love it there too. I’ve told a couple of friends and they love it there too.


                                                Dr Jong was great. Explained the procedure prior to the surgery and then came out and gave us the status as soon as it was over. Very happy with the whole process


                                                  Been coming here for years and everyone always is so AMAZING and friendly! Even though I moved to ontario I still come here so that says a lot.

                                                  ~Tannieda Alford

                                                    Dr. Chaimberland and Jasmin were awesome! I am so afraid to go the dentist since my last horrible experience (different dental office). Dr. Chamberlaind and Jasmin made me feel so at ease and made sure I was comfortable especially when getting the shot to numb me (that’s the part I’m sooooo terrified of). The staff is very nice and explain everything very well before getting anything done. Also everything is done in an an instant. No long waiting period. I am definately returning and referring all friends and family. Very happy! The only reason I gave them 4 stars is because they are not open Saturdays for regular visits. It’s very difficult for me to get time off from work. Other than that I would have given them 5 stars.


                                                      Everyone was very friendly, good at their job and they kept me informed every step of the way.

                                                      ~Thomas Rosetti

                                                        Always excellent work and professional. I love the teamwork the staff displays. I always feel my best interest comes first. Thank you Brea dental,

                                                        ~Marie Petitti

                                                          I love the comfort I get from everyone when I’m there!!

                                                          ~Claudia Fuentes

                                                            I have never received a shot in my mouth that did not hurt, but that is how it was for at my last visit. Everyone was so nice and caring.

                                                            ~Diane Reyes

                                                              I have been a patient for 7 years now, and haven’t had a bad experience yet!